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Thirty-three striker Seattle, which in the past he played in the English league for Fulham and Tottenham since August healed because of irregular heartbeat. Health problems Dempsey prepare for the conclusion of Sportingbet online bets last season and sweep Seattle for the first title in a playoff MLS. He hopes that this will help defend Sounders triumph. In recent days, he took two preparatory matches. “I feel that I am returning to top form. I’m so 85 to 90 percent. So far everything is going very well,” said Dempsey. For representation, in which he gave in 130 games 52 goals, he soon will not play. Coach Bruce Arena said that to him after such a long break for the upcoming World Cup qualification matches nepočítá. Český coach Zdenek Zeman sports betting offers returns after five years on the bench Pescara. The last team took over the Italian league with just nine points from 24 matches and minimal prospects for rescue. “It’s tough. We need to win more matches than he has Juventus to won the title,” Zeman said at a press conference at their place of work rehashed. “Usually when you change the coach, the team will react to it. Hopefully we can do it just like when I was here first. ” Devětašedesátiletý coach alternates Pescara revoked Massimo Odda, who last season won the team promotion to the top league. The same is managed Zeman during his first engagement at the club from the Adriatic Sea. After a successful season, then he went to AS Roma, where, however, when his second action only lasted half a year. Subsequently, the former coach of Lazio and Cagliari last led the Swiss Lugano, which ended after last season. “I came back because I owe Pescara,” said Zeman. Under the leadership Sportingbet best online betting of Odda, world champion in 2006, a rookie Serie A after 24 rounds scored only one victory – winning by forfeit 3: 0 over Sassuolo.

Since the first nesestupové position Pescara divided into 13 points. To improve their balance sheets begin to work with Zeman on Sunday in a match against Genoa. “When the team final, it means that it has its limits. We are try to overcome as much as possible. We have to think about every single match of the 14 laps that await us. And best betting site offers we think that in them going at 0: 0, “said Zeman, who is known for offensive football. Pescara under his leadership five years ago on the way to advance into the top league record of 90 goals scored. “I do not want to finish the season, so that Pescara on it will be the worst in Europe. I am here to work and built a team that will entertain the fans,” said Zeman, who in May will celebrate her 70th birthday. He believes that the pressure associated with the highest Italian competition can do. “There are younger, who are much worse than mine,” he said with a smile. The coach Arsene Wenger faces a high after Wednesday’s defeat to Arsenal in the opening eight-finals of the Champions League to land Bayern Munich 1: 5 severe criticism and was now wondering whether the extended contract. Deciding he would like in March or April, but anyway coaching career will continue. “The future will decide in March or April, but still do not know exactly when. I’m talking about leadership, but I do not want to talk about how they see my future. The important thing is the club, not my future,” he said at today’s press conference, Wenger which expires after the season existing contract. The end coaching career sedmašedesátiletý French coach is not thinking. “No matter what happens, I will be coaching next season. Whether it be here or not, that’s for sure,” said Wenger, who led Arsenal since 1996. The veteran coach was criticized after Wednesday’s debacle in Munich, after which the Arsenal squad with Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech on the brink of elimination in the Sportingbet free online betting Champions League. In addition, the London club ceased to flourish in the Premier League, which is waiting for a title since 2004. “The criticism I used to. I think in life it is important to do what you think. I am a public person, I have a public job, so I have to accept criticism, but must be guided by its values,” he said Wenger. Obrovskou luck has a right defender AS Rome Alessandro Florenzi. Twenty-five pillar Giallorossi have resumed serious knee injury and is ahead of her next six to eight months of forced pause. Florenzi have not played since last October . Alessandro Florenzi into this season came with the captaincy and three assists for space opening nine rounds. But then she tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee and now when trying to return to the same injury restored. This was confirmed by X-ray today, which will be immediately followed by other operations. Florenzi was injured during training with the Roman Primavera, or even before he could participate in training with the A-team.