The massage should start with stroking

How is the massage: step by step guide for moms
Based on baby massage – rubbing, stroking motion and the so-called vibration.

Massage should begin with stroking. Take a little oil, into hands and light, slow moving, stroking the child’s back, neck, arms, legs. Stroking different, specialists divide it in intensity, intervals, and the like. Moms just need to remember that stroke the baby gently need; you can alternate the palm of your hand with the outside hand piece. At first glance, the pats are nothing special, but in addition, as the mother strokes her baby, his skin warmed up, establish the correct inflow and outflow of blood and lymph.
massage your baby stroking

Next, go to easy rubbing. RUB the body too carefully, in small patches. During the rubbing heats up the skin and muscles of the child. But do not RUB very hard, because the child is very sensitive and he could be hurt. After rubbing need again to spend a few strokes.
the infant massage rubbing

The next stage is kneading. He is the main medicinal part. How to stretch your problem areas, the mother can show a professional massage therapist. It is best to first observe his movements, then mom will be able to confidently and without fear to massage every spot of his body. After the warm-up also have to repeat the stroking.

At the end of the massage you can gently Pat the child’s back, arms, legs. Or very carefully and gently nibble. These processes are well-toned skin of the baby and is the logical completion of the massage.

Basic rules:

When you massage belly movement should be clockwise.

General session for a kid should last no longer than 10 minutes.

Massaging the back and chest movement should be from the middle of the sternum or spine and to the sides.

Mama’s arms have to be relaxed.

The area where the liver is better not to touch. And in the kidneys it is better to avoid Pat. Also absolutely not to touch the area of the genitals.

During the massage well to carry out gymnastic exercises. They are light and known to all: “potyagushki”, crossing arms, raising arms and legs, “Bicycle” …

If to speak about the psychological and spiritual aspects, it has been proved that the more a mother touches the baby, kisses, hugs, caressing and stroking him, the stronger becomes the power relationship between them.

So even if your child does the technician take the time and opportunity to organize your own session. Let the massage will not be as professional, but with the amount of love and tenderness, which is able to fill and maintain every cell in a child’s body.

And touching a soul mate is never too much …

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