NBA: Boston won in Detroit

NEW YORK, Jan. 6 (AP) – One of the most anticipated duels season of overseas NBA basketball, Wednesday’s duel Detroit and Boston, unexpectedly decided to visiting rookie Glen Davis. 16-year old winger scored his record of 20 points in the final quarter and the most significant measure has contributed to the triumph of the Celtics in the ratio of 92:85. “It really feels good to get ahead significantly in this prestigious fight. With this victory, however, we must reassure the season we still have several duels against the Pistons, “said Davis. For guests, it was the ninth victory in Bet365 in-play matches a row and 29thSeason, domestic interrupted 11-match series success. “We needed to succeed, take revenge for the home defeat,” recalled Celtics coach Doc Rivers fact that it is the last time Detroit beat the wards and broke them one hundred percent home balance.

In excellent performance continues rozohrávač New Jersey Jason Kidd, who scored in the second duel within two days again triple-double, and helped his team to a fifth victory in a row. On Friday in triumph 102: 96 over Charlotte scored 11 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds, a day later in Atlanta (113: 107) shone 10 points, 14 assists and 13 rebounds.In addition, the Hawks maintain hazardous Joe Johnson, who allowed only 9 points record. “I tried to discourage him as much game,” Kidd said modestly, which boasts 9 has triple-double of the season and 96th career.

Portland beat Utah home 103: 89 despite the fact that the leader Trail Blazers Brandon Roy played for bumping coccyx only less than ten minutes. For home game Bet365 Kenya betting against Jazz had special charge, because the opponent just ended at the end of last year their record 13-match series triumph. The third important part of the game shone Martell Webster when scored 24 points, including ten successful attempts from the field behind.

“I was surprised.I’ve never seen anything like it. Rival still kept him free, I did not understand it, “said rozohrávač Portland Jarret Jack about his teammate.

In Phoenix has presented New Orleans a duel of two of the best rozohrávač competition fared better for the visitors Chrisa Paula. Twenty one year old creator of games the Hornets played the full 48 minutes, eclipsed even more famous Steve Nash and his team bring to triumph 118: 113th “We played great duel against one of the strongest teams in the West. Today took full all players. That we try throughout the season, “said Paul happy.Guests have achieved this valuable victory without Davida Westa, which plagued the left side.

Results – Saturday:

Portland – Utah 103: 89

Most Points: Webster 26, 20 Aldridge, T. Outlaw 14 – 23 D. Williams, Okur 15, Harpring 14 quarters: 22:23, 17:19, 36:22, 28:25, 20,451 spectators

Phoenix – New Orleans 113: 118

Most points : 28 Barbosa, Nash 23 (11 assists), Hill a Stoudemire for 17 – 28 Paul (10 assists), Stojakovic 23, Peterson 22 quarters: 31:34, 27:23, 25:33, 20:28, 18,422 viewers

Chicago – Sacramento 94:93

Most points: Nocioni 26 20 Gordon, Tyrus Thomas 14 – B.Miller 22 (13 rebounds), Dahntay Jones 16 Doubí 14, a quarter: 24:25, 28:24, 23:22, 19:22, 21,908 viewers

Houston – New York 103: 91

Most points: Yao 30, 22 Brooks, Alston 14 – 25 N. Robinson, Z. Randolph 18 (22 rebounds), Curry 16, a quarter: 27:13, 28:29, 24:27, 24 22, 16 634 viewers

Detroit – Boston 85:92

Most points: R. Hamilton 18, 17 Billups, R. Wallace 16 – 20 G. Davis, Pierce 19 Garnett 15 quarters: 22:12, 21:29, 23:22, 19:29, 22,076 spectators

Atlanta – New Jersey 107: 113

Most points: Josh Smith 34, Marvin Williams 18, Childress 16 – 29 V. Carter, R.Jefferson 21, Boone 17 (12 rebounds), quarters: 27:22, 30:28, 22:26, ​​28:37, 15,766 viewers

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