Ludogorec Razgrad – Istanbul Başakşehir

Ludogorci last time against Braze just about the hair escaped the advance to the spring phase of the European League. He is a bit surprising at the front of the group, and if he succeeds to knock three points above the last Basaksehir this time he will finally be able to celebrate. On the contrary, the chances of a Turkish unit are only theoretical and must prevail in Bulgaria.

Team Dimitara Dimitrova’s team is doing very well in difficult competition. So far, he has not managed to win, winning only two goals in every place and a four-point lead ahead of the third Hoffenheim. Even if he did not succeed in the current race, he will still have the Betclic online betting games situation in his hands before the last lap.

Of course, the domestic but fully thinking of the process already. And three points are a clear priority for them. “I hope we choose such a tactic to succeed, for us the ultimate outcome is the most important,” Dimitrov said. “We try to play offensive and open soccer in front of our fans and we will try to present them even now.”

Before the break, Ludogorec suffered his third defeat in the season, the first in the league, with CSKA Sofia, winning Lokomotiv Plovdiv last weekend and retaining a four-point lead on the front of the table. Dimitarva also speaks of a completely healthy and complete cadre.

In the first match in Istanbul, the Djordra team was Unibet online betting relegated to the no-draw. However, the current duel will be more important. “There was not a priority at that time, because there is really a lot at stake now, we have to win, we have to qualify,” Dimitrov snapped. “I think the pressure is great at this moment, I hope we can handle this difficult fight.”

Though Basaksehir has not yet won the European League, and rather remains to his expectations, last weekend he has fought against Galatasaray, who shamed five goals. “He has defeated Fenerbahce this year, he can still go to the European League and I think he will try to win at any price,” Dimitrov warned.