Double Winner, World Speed ​​World Champion. The gold helmet will fight

When it comes to this, two world champions, Australian Chris Holder (2012) and Brit Tai Woffinden (2013), and double winner of the 2009 and 2011 legendary winning race, Polka Rune Holta.

Holder and Holt arrive 100%; Woffinden will be clear after the weekend. “He had a fawn climbing bump,” explains Evžen Erban, director of the race. He also invited a number of other riders with experience from the prestigious Grand Prix at the helm.

“There will be Adrian Miedzinski, who won the final Grand Prix last year in Torun, Poland. We are also talking about Maciej Janowski, who has a place in the Grand Prix races next year, “says Erban to the traditionally strong Poles.Fredrik Lindgren, Sweden, will be another seasoned driver. “I would like other Swedes here, I am interested mainly in Anton Lindbäck,” the Küttschild manager points out.

The Czechs will have a seven-legged legion of riders, led by a Pardubice duo, which perfectly connects the slowly ending and How to bet on Unibet rising Pedestrian sport generation: Aleš Dryml and Václav Milík. Especially Pardubický extraligový Captain Dryml has a great appetite to show off to the home audience.

“There are quite a few names, but the race is so specific that I would not get anybody out of it. Even the well-known riders have to go through the finals first.When someone misplaces a motorcycle or starts from a worse position, it often does not work out of it, “says Dryml.” Aleš should try to make the first step ever since 1996 to the highest level , “Pushes Erban to Drymil to beat the last Czech winner of Tomas Topinko.

His representatives will have Zlaté next to Pardubice and other Czech clubs: Slaný, Prague Markéta and Mšeno. Eduard Krčmář, Josef Franc and Filip Šitera are also going to Svitkov.

The veteran veteran Greg Hancock, Slovakian Martin Vaculík and Slovenian Matej Žagar will be among the frequent participants.They all had to give priority to club duties.