After the track in Brazil, he is flying. But uncertainty is weighing on the Sagittarius head

“It’s hard to say how I’m doing it,” he says, sitting in the lobby of the hotel lobby. “Physically, perhaps. How I feel psychic is different. It does not fill up. I have a difficult time. “

The UCI qualifying criteria have not been met, the Czech Cycling Association has misinterpreted them. Still, the Czech Olympic Committee wants this weekend to take part in the accelerated management of the CAS Sport Arbitration this weekend.

However, there is still a second way to start. Thanks to the 9th place in the world championships, he is also on the official list of substitutes for the UCI, though not in the first place.If one of the cyclists logs off, gets ill or gets injured in a mass race, Sáblíková can be called as a substitute for the time.

With coach Petr Novák they arrived in Brazil last Friday. > “In my five-day training session, I have 500 kilos in my legs, of which 250 on time-coasters,” she calculates. The bicycle is accompanied by the Polish sparingpartner Sebastian Druszkiewicz.

Novak commends: “On Thursday, the test was in the rugged terrain at an average speed of 46 km / h. I feel that she has the best form of life on the bike. “

Now they just want to debug it.

” We’re already going, “says the coach. “She says. “A hundred kilometers a day is not so small. I could not even go before yesterday. “

It is being prepared for full operation.Occasionally, some of the buses go too close to it, sometimes the drivers are blowing, encouraging, waving. “They’re fine,” she says. Only once did it make her fall. “When we stopped the cops with the machine guns at the gas station, I was a little afraid.”

The acclimatization with which he has problems is doing well. “I do not sleep for the last two days. Probably because of nerves. “

The verdict is approaching. Just watch the changing emotions in Sáblíková’s face to understand how hard the internal fight is. She wanted so much to be a legitimate part of the summer games.

“The worst is the uncertainty. On a normal bike, I would practice at home during the summer. But here I go to the time-keeper’s goat, I have to go some pace and my head is weighing on everything that’s happening around me.Then I’m going to the room and everything is in my head again. “

The escort is persistently trying to bring her to other thoughts, playing cards, especially jokers. “I’m winning and losing my life.”

In the afternoon, Rio is going to explore the track of the track, again in normal traffic, and Tomáš Konečný, p>

“We are interested in passages that have up to 14 percent. Even due to transfers, “says Novak. “We’re going to upload difficult places to the video. “

” Do not pretend, “he stops it.

” So when it goes well, “says the coach and adds,” Martina is mentally strong. If it is at the start, it will stay. They will have to count on it. “